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As a family leader we aim to meet, appropriately and within our possibilities, the needs of our family trying to maintain a positive balance sheet for our pocket.

An intelligent consumption is decreasing negative impact on purchasing decisions strengthening a new culture of consumption; which it is important for every buyer is critical to any bombardment of information and advertising. In other words, we know buying guided by the quality of a product and not by brand or other factors.

Smart Guide for consumers:

- Make a weekly list of the items you're purchasing or renovating, it will take time but will help you learn what you need exactly and products mean the largest percentage of expenditure. Prepare weekly menu based on what we have in the cupboard and what is on offer saves time and money.

- Research and compare products; It is recommended that you consult price list and often specialized pages like PROFECO:

- A consumer who is critical of advertising and fashion, and understands how marketing works, takes only what you need, looking for the right price to its economy.

- Buy what they really need; avoid unnecessary food as in the case of junk food, which not only saved money, we also improve our health.

- Choose an inexpensive product does not necessarily mean poor quality or defective, and that to improve our finances will always be advisable to seek offers, such as the stores are outlets that handle balances and commercial prices below the cost.

This is not to avoid eating, if not know how we do, bear the consequences of that spending and find that most of the buying decisions represent a benefit for our family and at the same time it is to the community because long-term influences the development of the same.

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It seems that this cycle is repeated again and again. That's why we think the money is not enough and we did not win enough to think about investments. But this is just a habit we have acquired.

The problem is that when we say savings, imagine that much capital and many years are required to make a profit. However, we would be surprised how convenient it is to save a small sum of money for a couple of years.

Maybe we let down payment on our car or pay for a trip. Viewed this way, it is less stressful to stop consuming products rampant. Because after a while, the reward is great and much more enjoyable.

Control spending means buying a conscious and planned manner, respecting room for other important things like saving.

Over time, the costs seem to be more and more necessary; They seem inescapable. That's why our expenses should be monitored from the earliest possible age. And also we learn the habit of saving and planning our finances.

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Use your money wisely


Proper planning of personal and family finances allows us to leverage our money for our family never miss anything.

Manage ourselves, but requires attention and dedication us, it is one of the most effective methods to know what we are spending, how we spend and how we spend. No matter if you are shopping pantry or tuition for our children, we must take control of our costs, this helps us to have clarity in the financial life of our family.

To effectively bring our finances, we recommend the following steps:

  • We must inform our current financial situation, that is, we must know how much they received and how much we spend monthly.
  • Know then in your situation these basic aspects of personal finance: Income, spending, saving and investing.
  • Make a plan with goals and objectives that are like family. It can be from buy clothes for the family, go on vacation, take a micro, etc.
  • Although it may be difficult at the beginning, we must act with discipline to carry out the plan that will lead to financial results we expect.

Your family should be informed of the relationship between your income and expenditure, enabling meet financial targets in the medium and long term. Check your level of spending will be the key to live better than yours.

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