SRE - Socially Responsible

Contribution, a fundamental value of the PRENDAMEX® culture

Since we began our operations, we have been focused on continuous improvement of our business model, continuously generating high value and carefully watching how our activities impact customers, suppliers, employees, franchisees, shareholders and community.

Here at PRENDAMEX®, we are aware that in order to offer quality service we need to have a deep understanding of our client's needs. We have successfully watched and analized the necessities via market research for over 17 years, and found out that our customers are increasingly sensitive to the service attached to any transaction.
As a result we now have strict selection of employees, improving products and services, and extensive training in "customer service", our service provides warmth, security and trust, one of the biggest reasons why more than 4 million customers prefer PRENDAMEX®.

Social commitment is implicit in the service we provide and it has been a part of the Prendamex culture from the beginning, and this responsibility is endorsed continuously through permanent corporate programs.

Throughout our experience in the market we have undertaken various actions worth to mention:

• Days of care, donations, information dissemination for early detection of breast cancer Mexican athletes sponsorships, etc.

• Recently, we participated together with the National Association of Pawnbrokers (Anace), to follow up on the initiative to amend the Law on Consumer Protection and Fair pawnshops, which was approved on December 18, 2012. efforts to provide greater legal certainty both pledge loan industry and consumers, inhibiting the existence of households that operate informal efforts over the rights of customers.

Who We Are?

Here at PRENDAMEX®, we are proud to be the first privately owned pawn shop for Mexicans in the US.

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