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Our Most Renowned Services

Auto Loan

In PRENDAMEX® you can pawn your car and continue using it , the procedure is done in just 24 hours and you can receive up to 15 thousand dollars. Please contact your local branch in order to find out more about his service.

Bill pay

Need to pay for your home bills? Look no further, PRENDAMEX® can pay for electricity, gas, phone, even your cable bill and more. Visit your nearest branch or ask for more information about the services you can pay thorugh us.

Cellphone Bill or Refills

Request a refill or pay your mobile phone bill with PRENDAMEX®'s help. Ask the cashier for this service, you only need your mobile number and your carrier, we will then process the transaction by the amount requested . Recharging is immediate , we offer a wide range of amounts and management of all major brands of cell phones. Check with your local store.

Who We Are?

Here at PRENDAMEX®, we are proud to be the first privately owned pawn shop for Mexicans in the US.

Location Walnut Park

PRENDAMEX® Walnut Park

2666 East Florence Ave.
Walnut Park, CA 900255

Phone: +(323) 581-5104

Fax: +(323) 581-5104

Email: walnutpark@prendamexusa.com