Loans in Minutes

We have many stores in your state. To find out what is the closest PRENDAMEX® store near you, check the store locator here.

Family Financial Tips

PRENDAMEX® wants to help you get on top of your finances. Here you will find tips for improving your family finances.

What can I Pawn/Sell?

We can help you decide what can be pawned. Go to your PRENDAMEX® store with your item to get evaluated.

Controlling Expenses

It is crucial to know how to control our expenses. This means we have to be concious and plan all of our spendings.


We understand sometimes you need cash, that's why here at PRENDAMEX® we can buy the items you don't use anymore. At the same time, we have plenty of valuables in stock you may need, which you can buy from us.


If you need cash fast and do not want to sell, you can choose to pawn your items instead. After agreeing on your loan amount, you can pay us back and get your item back. In some cases, you can keep your item during the whole process.

The Buying Process

At our store you can find a variety of items you may be in need of. We carry Electronics, Computers, Game Consoles, Cellphones, Antiques, Tools, Toys and many more.
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The Selling Process

Bring the item you would like to sell to one of our locations and one of our representatives will calculate it's estimated value and make an offer you won't refuse. Read More
Jewelry and Items
Bring any type of jewelry or items to one of our store for evaluation. We accept items such as: Watches, Computers, Tools, Cellphones, Electronics, Consoles and more.
Equipment and Machinery
When it comes to heavy machinery, you will have to come to PRENDAMEX® with the right paperwork showing proof of ownership. Then our associates will go evaluate your equipment.


Check Cashing

Here at PRENDAMEX® you can cash your checks in a fast and easy manner, no need to go to the bank. Please inquire in the location closer to you.

Pay your Bills

Need to pay your home bills? We got you covered. Here at PRENDAMEX® you can pay you home electricity, gas, phone, even your cable bill and much more.

Cellphone Bill/Refills

Request a refill or pay your mobile phone bill with PRENDAMEX®'s help. Ask the cashier for this service, you only need your mobile number and your carrier.


In PRENDAMEX® we believe it is all about you. That's why we have many payment options, we even offer you extra time to re-pay your debt and recover your pawned items.
It's all about getting you back in track.

The importance of controlling costs

It seems that this cycle is repeated again and again. That's why we think the money is not enough and Read More

About Smart Shopping

As a family leader we aim to meet, appropriately and within our possibilities, the needs of our family trying to Read More

Use your money wisely

Use your money wisely Proper planning of personal and family finances allows us to leverage our money for our family Read More
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Here at PRENDAMEX® we have adapted to the community's necessities and offer flexible methods of selling and pawning. We now accept different items such as gold and silver jewelry, watches, cars, motorcycles, cellphones, computer equipment, electronics, home appliances and a variety of tools. All of these to offer you the best option that cater your needs.

Here at PRENDAMEX®, we are aware that in order to offer quality service we need to have a deep understanding of our client's needs. We have successfully watched and analized the necessities via market research for over 19 years, and found out that our customers are increasingly sensitive to the service attached to any transaction.

As a result we now have strict selection of employees, improving products and services, and extensive training in "customer service", our service provides warmth, security and trust, one of the biggest reasons why more than 4 million customers prefer PRENDAMEX®.

In PRENDAMEX® we value your loyalty, that is why we have a program that will generate points for each transaction you make.
The points can be used as cash to pay the loan, or to purchase any of the products and services sold in the branch.

Who We Are?

Here at PRENDAMEX®, we are proud to be the first privately owned pawn shop for Mexicans in the US.

Location Walnut Park

PRENDAMEX® Walnut Park

2666 East Florence Ave.
Walnut Park, CA 900255

Phone: +(323) 581-5104

Fax: +(323) 581-5104